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SQL Financial Accounting software is designed to support applications that deliver business-critical functionality to large deployment of network environment. It is built and optimized for mission-specific applications.

At the core of SQL Financial Accounting Software lies a robust Client-Server architecture that allows it to deliver significant advantages in flexibility, reliability, performance and stability. Self-tuning features include cost-based query optimization and dynamic re-balancing of report structure enhances performance and provide a wide range of business reports. More important, SQL Financial Accounting is an open period solution that enables you to collect more data over wider time frame for a better decision-base analysis.

SQL Financial Accounting software consists of six core modules which are General Ledger (GL), Customer (AR), Supplier (AP), Stock, Sales, and Purchase. Moreover, SQL Account software can be customized to make your work even more simpler, efficient and overall more productive. SQL Financial Account is more than just a tool for you to enter financial record. It has an ecosystem of powerful component such as security, flexible user access control, 24x7 data backup, information search and inquiry, command navigator, customize able grid and reports, document drill down, DIY field and scripts and so much more. All customization can be easily deployed to all employees anywhere, anytime with SQL Account Control Center and SQL Account Report Designer.

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