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Touch Screens for Retail Industry

Retail customers are demanding more option to making the shopping experience enjoyable. Retailers are looking for ways to draw customers to brick and mortar locations and to enhance the in-store shopping experience. ShadowSense technology allows retailers to offer this, and more.

Touch Screen Advantages

To survive and thrive in the highly competitive retail market, retailers are looking for new ways to attract and keep customers.

Replacements for the traditional cash register and advertisements are natural places where touch screens can be used . They can even be used in small kiosks such as self-service checkouts to supplement staff during peak times.

Digital Signage

Plays a large role in the retail sector as it allows stores to run promotions and advertiments catered to individuals at the point of sale. They can be used to educate customers about products, giving insight into where products are sourced, and unique , creative uses for them. They are able to provide much more information to the customer in the same amount of space occupied by taditional static signs. providing to touch interface enriches these signs even futher allowing such things as virtual shelves to reduce real estate needs.

Point of Sales (POS)

POS systems using touch technology allow cashiers to process customers more efficiently, cuttingdown on long queues. Touch screen POS systems allow the traditional sales register to be dynamic, adjustingaccording to each specific scenario so even the newest employees are able to check customers out with ease.


  • Online updates on all transactions, stocks, cash and many more
  • Goods' selling price can be controlled bye the headquaters
  • All data is automatically channeled to headquarters within 5 minutes
  • Centralise POS, which is controlled at the backend server
  • Enhanced Graohical User Interface ( GUI )

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